CLIENT: Pizza Express

LOCATION: Bracknell


Our latest installation was completed in Bracknell where we are combining Heating/Cooling with a ventilation system for Restaurant and Kitchen with minimal impact on its surroundings but ensuring all of Pizza expresses requirements have been met to provide a modern, convenient, pleasant working and dining experience. Leech group services is proud to be part of the continued Pizza Express Expansion.

CLIENT: Firezza

LOCATION: Dean Street

Firezza Dean Street is an installation that we are seeing more and more often with Stricter planning controls requiring careful consideration of the building and the surrounding area. A design utilizing modern improvements but also using existing fixtures that complement the restaurant. We are happy to have helped make the dining experience at Firezza Dean Street a pleasent one that you will want to repeat.


LOCATION: Basildon


CPU Basildon is a commercial kitchen and packing centre completed in 2017. A large scale venture comprising of Heating/cooling and ventilation to meet the requirements of a busy industrial venture requiring minial impact on its surroundings and meeting the requirements of the people who work there to ensure their surroundings a comfortable working experience. Designed to be a low power footprint, we worked closely at every stage with the clients to achieve this.

CLIENT: Gaucho

LOCATION: Birmingham 

Gaucho Birmingham is a premier dining experience, introducing all aspects of the brand to Birmingham, including Electro Brunch, wine tasting and beef masterclasses. The décor is sophisticated and contemporary yet warm and welcoming, having taken inspiration from rural Argentina and its giant Ombu trees. we worked closely with the client to specify equipment. A complex installation using ESP and ultraviolet filatration to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding area and to ensure that the dining experience is second to none and that it is a pleasant place to work. 

CLIENT: Tortilla



Recently completed Tortilla in Dalston is a typical installation combining Heating/cooling and ventilation. A compact but effective design to minimize impact on the surrounding area and at the same time to meet all of Tortilla's requirements for diners and employees alike.Leech group services is proud to be part of the continued Tortilla Expansion.